Opposites: Taurus and Scorpio



Taurus and Scorpio are two signs of great intensity and strong will. They are both interested in money, possessions and fine living.

When interacting with a Taurus, Scorpio can learn how to learn to stabilize and become less intense. Taurus will also help Scorpio appreciate sensual pleasure.

When interacting with Scorpio, Taurus will gain valuable insight as to how to achieve his goals. Scorpio can also teach Taurus how to become more analytical and proactive.

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Some basic fears the signs might have.

Aries- appearing/being week

Taurus- change

Gemini- misunderstandings

Cancer- abandonment

Leo- being used

Virgo- the unknown

Libra- being alone

Scorpio- showing their insecurities and appearing vulnerable

Sagittarius- being trapped or not having any change in life

Capricorn- lack of control

Aquarius- rejection

Pisces- a loved one getting hurt